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Kamikaze Collection



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We aimed to create an all-in-one glaze that combines the dirt removal performance of cleansing with a new glossy protection function.

Since the molecular size of the resin contained in the product is small, it can be used for curing system construction without filling in the resin unnecessarily.

Many other companies' products use silicone with a large molecular size for filling and sliding, which repels the film to be applied afterwards and makes the layer itself prone to oxidization and deterioration.

The greatest feature of this product is that it is the first attempt in Japan to remove oil and coatings without the use of petroleum solvents or kerosene.

To refresh the painted surface without using petroleum solvents, dirt is lifted and transferred with a ceramic abrasive that contains almost no abrasive power, which is even smaller than "CLEANSING".

The difference between KMKZ CLEANSING and KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE is that KMKZ CLEANSING is a wet initial cleaning process, while KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE is a dry to semi-wet cleaning process that provides light polishing as well as protection.
It is also possible to refresh existing deteriorated coatings.

For DIY users, it can be used as an easy and effective surface preparation agent.
It is possible to apply our products such as "OVER COAT 5.2 《LIQUID》", "OVER COAT 《SEALANT》" and "MIYABI COAT" on top of the protection effect.

The glossy finish is in the middle of "OVER COAT 5.2" and "OVER COAT 《SEALANT》".

For professional users, it will improve the quality of detailing and is ideal for maintenance.

We hope you will enjoy the newest addition to the kamikaze collection, the "KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE".


Hand Made in Japan