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A fully evolved version of the SEALANT that has taken the market by storm!

Carbon nanotubes not only provide conductive and functional film, but also improve adhesion and crosslinkability with painted surfaces.
The workability has been greatly improved for better adhesion and cross-linkage with painted surfaces.
This new release is an "improvement" on the previous product.

The container has been changed from a general bottle container to a glass bottle.
This allows installation without worrying about wintertime workability.
And the LUXURIOUS bottle will fill you with a sense of ownership.

1. carbon nanotube formula

Carbon nanotubes, invented by a Japanese scientist in the field of next-generation nanomaterials, are a nanomaterial that is being developed in various fields, including semiconductors.
We have been developing functional films containing carbon nanotubes since a year ago.
We have discovered carbon nanotubes that can be dispersed with current products.
We have made fundamental changes to the surfactant and increased or decreased various additives accordingly, and have confirmed that the carbon nanotubes function sufficiently as a carbon nanotube product.

2. new achievement as a sacrificial film

One of the functions of carbon nanotubes is conductivity, which was an excellent match with this solution with surfactant and various additives based on the antistatic function.
The overwhelming reduction in the number of car washings is not necessary to say much about it, but it functions as a "functional" film.
And the performance as a "sacrificial film" that is more super water repellent than before but does not adhere to water stains, which could be called "contradiction," produced a clear difference by "some action" in this case.
Although it was developed for the purpose of making "carbon nanotubes" work, the "masterpiece product" was created by coincidence, so to speak.
I am convinced that the difference in performance is so obvious that we have decided to call this product 5.0 instead of 4.2, which corresponds to a full model change.
We are confident that you will feel a clear difference in performance.

3. not just for protection, but for the world of driving

Anti-static additives + carbon nanotubes are not only a coating, but also a way to improve driving performance.
This is the only Japanese-made technology that improves driving performance.
Wind, or aerodynamics, generated when driving a car causes a lot of resistance due to static electricity generated on painted surfaces, glass, tires, and unpainted resins.
By reducing the aerodynamic drag caused by static electricity and by using "ION GENERATOR EVO 2.0" together, which generates negative ions in moisture, a synergistic effect is achieved.
The release of static electricity and the improvement of aerodynamic characteristics enable improved drivability in all aspects.
Most felt is the aerodynamic feeling when accelerating off, stability when cornering, and straight line stability.
The quietness is also improved because turbulence caused by static electricity is suppressed.
Rectification correction is now becoming a standard in the field of racing.
These functional surface film technologies originated in "Made in Japan," and OVER COAT is the product that has been commercialized with a high level of quality.
Driving performance experience may vary depending on the individual.

Outstanding workability. And it is more oily than wax.

The recent trend of car chemical products has made it easy to apply, but at the same time, it has a heavy weight as if wax had been applied.
It is easy to apply, yet it has a heavy glossy feel as if a wax had been applied.
It is different from the glossy texture of OVER COAT so far.
Please enjoy the thick glossy film.
Of course, application is easier than ever.

Outstanding durability as a sacrificial film

OVER COAT has been tested in spring in Japan under yellow sand and pollen as well as in Hokkaido, Hokuriku region, and Norway.
We have repeatedly tested OVER COAT in Hokkaido, Hokuriku region and Norway.
Although damage to the water repellent group can be felt, the original clear coating is not damaged.
The original clear paint is almost stain-free and does not even need WATER SPOT REMOVER.
This is in line with the theory of OVER COAT's history, which protects the paint with a thick film as a sacrificial coating.
We do not state a durability of 6 or 12 months as our theory, as it would be meaningless.
However, testing has shown that it is the best film that can protect painted surfaces as a sacrificial coating for several months.

Development Background

The idea was to create a film that would perform as a sealant for modern car racks or Permagard, but with the added benefit of being easy and even more water-repellent.
We strived to make it even easier and more water-repellent.
The development of this new paint sealant, which was to be a modern market-oriented paint sealant, actually started more than two years ago.
The hydrocarbons in paraffin paste and isoparaffin solvent are similar to the hydrocarbons in ISM COAT.
We adjusted the volatilization temperature for easy application by using vegetable waxes and silicone oil to avoid petroleum solvents to improve workability, and adjusted the temperature so that a film is formed by the time one to two panels are finished.
The d'Elegance Wax was released during the development process, and the development of this sealant proceeded simultaneously with the successful development of The d'Elegance Wax.
While other companies would have called it a wax, we wanted to market it as a "paint sealant as a sacrificial film" because it contains the maximum amount of silicone resin, which is the core part of OVER COAT.
Wax users will also enjoy this product.

Content: 120g (15g-20g used per car)
Main ingredients: paraffin paste, isoparaffin solvent, vegetable wax, silicone oil, special silicone resin, anionic surfactant, preservative, silica water
Made in Japan

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下地処理をしたあとフッ素樹脂ベースコートの上にOVER COAT SEALANT 5.0を施工しました。