We want to create world-class Japanese-made car chemicals
My name is Kai Morita, CEO of Kamikaze Collection.
I started washing cars rather than detailing when I was in junior high school. And my 14th birthday present was a Makita single action polisher.
I was passionate about this process of washing a car, polishing out the painted surface, and applying something to get a glossy finish.
Although I left the industry once, I started KAMIKAZE in 2013 after seeing the terrible state of construction stores overseas during my travels there.
At first, the brand was for the Asian market, but we decided to expand our sales channel to the North American market. We wanted to create a high-end product not seen in past Japanese-made car chemicals, so we borrowed "COLLECTION" from the ZARA COLLECTION, which I had just worn.
We dared to put the "Kanji" logo on the front, and in order to gain recognition, we packed two suitcases full of products and drove around the UK and Europe in a rented car, staying overnight in the car and making no appointments.
Blessed with good partners, domestic and international suppliers, detailers, and customers, we were able to gain a certain market share in overseas markets within a few years.
The one thing that has not changed since then and remains unchanged today is my love of manufacturing in terms of "production. In terms of "technology" in construction, I love detailing.
I hope you can feel the performance I have cultivated in the global market.


 Kai Morita


KAIZEN=Products developed and produced in-house for continuious improvement.

There are several production methods for our products.
One is to purchase existing products as raw materials and add additives in-house for production. The other is to mass-produce the product by repeating the preparation process from the raw material stage. Both of these methods are updated and improved approximately every year.
Although it is true that we do not have large facilities for mass production, we are able to make adjustments easily because we produce products in small batches and by hand.
I believe that this ability to adjust is the key to product development. Once I understand the characteristics and origin of several seasonings, I develop products in the same way as a chef who changes the seasoning to the taste he/she wants to serve.
Basic raw materials are made in Japan, but additives and materials not available in Japan are imported from overseas.
For our genuine products such as buffs and microfibers, we actually visit overseas factories to control quality and ensure the best possible quality system.

From Japan to the World, From the World to Japan

In the recent TV and media trends, "Made in Japan" is the focus of attention, but from my own knowledge of the global market, I have learned firsthand that products made in Japan as is are difficult to sell in the global market.
For better or worse, the Japanese market has a strong Galapagos element, and even Japanese retailers and professionals seem to have a relatively narrow view of the market.
The global market I have seen is very different from the market I have felt in Japan.
Of course, it is greatly influenced by race and personality, but when you get to the "top rank" beyond a certain line, the demand for quality and the hurdles become all the higher.
To give an example, Toyota 202 Solit Black or Porsche Jet Black is finished only with a single action polisher. They use Spice Hecker degreaser, and if there is even the slightest hologram, this product cannot be used, or "you are not skilled enough to talk to us". They themselves ask themselves if they are "unusually demanding" or "perverse," in other words, some of our certified installers have this demographic. In order to create enough commercial products to accommodate this segment of the market, we began joint development with overseas manufacturers and purchase of overseas materials as well as Japanese raw materials and additives.
Of course, our products are maind in Japan. However, they are not tailored for the Japanese market, but are products created for the global market.

Beauty transcends national borders

The Concours d'Elegance is the pinnacle of car detailing.
KAMIKAZE COLLECTION has been used in concourses around the world for both public and private projects.
Japanese teams have also traveled internationally to Switzerland, other Asian countries, and Dubai.
Our products have a certain value in the world's "beauty" competition.

Japanese-style training to Western countries and 271 certified installations worldwide

Generally speaking, it is rare for Asians to provide training in Western cultures.
We provide training in many countries on our professional product range, including classroom lectures based on reliable techniques and comparisons with other companies' products.
 Japanese detailing, which is sort of Galapagosized, has evolved in a unique way.
We have studied foreign markets for several years and provide training tailored to their needs. Our advantage over our Japanese competitors is in the "technology" aspect.

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