We know you’ve got questions. What’s exactly is KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE? I thought you have KMKZ No.5 Cleansing already!

Well, we’ve received many questions domestically and internationally so we answer them here.


KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE is an All-In-One product, meaning it will remove contaminants, polish by micro abrasive inside, then fill those micro scratches by Nano-silicone resin and foam a thin protective hydrophobic layer which ceramic coating can also bond to.

This product is similar to other glaze products on the market. 

Here are the key points of our KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE: 


  • No petroleum solvents used to remove grease and other contaminants on the paint
  • Uses smaller ceramic abrasive than the our No.5 cleansing
  • Since we use smaller molecular resin, it won't fill too much therefore ceramic coating can bond it to the paint.
  • Great to use it for paint surface, amazing for PPF maintenance (especially the edge where PPF collects dirt and becomes black). 
  • Great for DIY users who do not have a polishing machine but want to prep paint surface before applying ceramic coating. 
  • Use our sponge or microfiber (try with cheap white microfiber so you will see the contaminants removed by this product! You will be amazed.

  • Where to use?

    • Any painted surface on the car. Metal, Aluminum, gloss carbon, and Paint protection film and vinyl wrap.

    • DO NOT USE it on unpainted plastic trims, windows, rubbers and matte paint/film.

    Steps to use KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE?

    1. Wash your car then dry the surface as usual.

    2. Shake bottle well, then take a 2 to 5cm(1 to 2inches) on your microfiber applicator or sponges. We recommend chose short-fiber microfiber cloth and if you have the white one you will amazed how it removes contaminants!

    3. Spread KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE onto your panel then apply Criss-cross pattern for about 3 to 4 passes. Don’t apply excessive force, imagine as you brush your teeth. You don’t apply that much pressure, right? Your toothpastes (in this case KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE) let do the job.

    4. Finish by wiping off excess with our Kamiwaza Microfiber towel or other high quality towel. This step is same as other spray coating or waxes. This will even out the surface and become ready for the road!

    5. Optionally, you can move onto applying next layer of protection. KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE does have protection and last about a month. Since KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE refresh and prep surface, you can apply any spray coating or even ceramic coating on top of it!



    If you have very soft paint like a Japanese car or French car, use our Microfiber sponge to avoid unwanted scratches.


    Use our cosmetic microfiber applicator for the wheels and other tiny area.


    Finish by wiping off excess (like the wax and other spray coatings). We recommend short-fiber towel for KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE to perform the best.


    I hope this find useful to you. If you enjoy reading this article, please share it to your friends and detailers. Also, if you have questions, you are always welcome to ask it on contact us page! 

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