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The Unlikely "Soft" Microfiber Sponge

Microfiber sponges are used in all aspects of the global detailing market, including the application of coatings and tire wax.
The microfiber material is more scratch resistant than sponges and allows for an even application of fluid.

However, the microfiber materials on the market were generally 300 GSM, which could scratch the soft paint film of domestic cars and piano black painted parts.
Therefore, we selected a 400 GSM microfiber with long hair, and produced the product with a soft texture that does not scratch the paint as much as possible.

Perfect size and feel
Size is the most important factor in detailing.
The size was adjusted by repeatedly using samples about 10 times.
Exquisite sizing improves workability.
No larger, no smaller.
We have pursued a size that can actually be used in the field.

Examples of our products in use


In dry application, it forms a thin film that is more even than that of a sponge.
In wet conditions, it is ideal for spreading after thoroughly wetting and wringing out.


When used in a wet process, it can be used to cleanse the painted surface of the body "almost" without scratching it.
This product was developed and verified with a sample of this sponge.


This product can be applied to more delicate paints without scratching them.
It can be applied to coatings such as 202 and KH3.

Product size

SMALL: 90 mm x 45 mm x 45 mm

Quantity: 6 pieces

LARGE: 127 mm × 89 mm× 45 mm
Quantity: 3 pieces

Made in China
Material: Polyester