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Short Fiber with 400 GSM

Six years ago Korean-made microfiber became popular in the domestic market, we imported Korean-made microfiber cloths at an early stage in the domestic market.
Six years later, when we saw samples of Korean-made microfiber again from several factories, we decided that we would like to use this microfiber in our current lineup.
I thought this microfiber was necessary and met our highest standards for our current lineup.

HAYAMUBA MF TOWEL, a double-sided long fiber, and DETAILING MF TOWEL, a low-cost version.
When we sought a cell with even higher precision and a no-lint, short fiber, we decided that we needed a new type of fiber that could be used for the 300GSM and 350GSM.
The 300GSM and 350GSM are not enough for wiping off coatings and waxes, so we made a slightly thicker and heavier 400GSM

The suitable use of this fiber is for wiping off coatings and polishing compounds, and for cleaning glass.
However, the best use case is to use a large size microfiber such as HAYABUSA DRYING TOWEL to wipe the body roughly, then wipe with water, finish, and apply a coating.

It can be used all-around from wet to dry.

It can be used from severe detailing work to daily use.

Number of towels: 5 towels/pack
Country of origin: Korea
Size:40cm x 40cm