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Kamikaze Collection



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The hard fine ceramics and oxidized alumina make it possible to polish as wide a range of surfaces as possible.
For light-colored cars, one-step polishing can be done with our GRAY MICROFIBER BUFF.

Differences from BANZAI DYNAMICS

The difference between THE DETAIL SUPPLY and BANZAI DYNAMICS is that BANZAI DYNAMICS is based on the theory of compounds for beautifully finishing painted surfaces.
THE DETAIL SUPPLY is a low-priced polishing compound with upgraded basic performance necessary for polishing paints.
It was developed in Japan with "sharpness" in mind for the Japanese market.
While having cost performance and quirky characteristics,
In one step and water soluble compound yet buffing marks does not return.
The DETAIl SUPPLY brand has released a compound that fits the competitive market.

Content: 1000ml
Country of origin: Korea