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For initial polishing of all kinds of paints

This is a low-cost version of Microfiber Buffing Pad that maximizes the features of Microfiber Buffing pad
Even though it is a low-cost version, it may perform at its best with matching compounds.

It has a moderate thickness for all-around use.
The flexible intermediate pad and Velcro closure allow for single polishing.

From expert professionals to DIY users

Designed with emphasis on softness rather than hardness.
The design focuses on softness rather than hardness, and allows for everything from single high rotation thermal polishing to double rotation sharp polishing.
Please find the best match not only with our compounds but also with your own products.

Outstanding cost performance

The price is the most important factor to be noted.
The price is as low as $10.99 per pad.

This is THE DETAIlSUPPLY select import product.
Size: 5 inch / 3 inch
Country of Origin: Made in China