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Kamikaze Collection



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More beautiful, more amazing finishing.

Recover as much of the fine marks from the initial polishing and foam polishing from previous cutting process.
Ultra-fine alumina compound with ultra-wide range properties that pulls the wool as far as possible to the top of the range.
Created for high-end detailers around the world to surpass older products.
The newest final polishing compound created from the ground up.

This is a product for those who really care about polishing.
From DA polishing to rotary polishing for all finishes.

Direction of use

Use a few drops of half the size of a grain of rice on the final finishing buff (our recommendation: BLACK FINISHING pad).
Polish up to the sharpest finish possible with high speed rotation. (*Depends on the paint type and color.
Degreasing is not necessary after polishing.
If the surface becomes hydrophilic when water is applied after polishing, it is a good indication that proper polishing has been achieved.


Contents: 300ml

Made in Japan