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1 inch & 2 inch pad now available! (February 2024)


August 2022 UPDATED Version 

We have changed material on middle layer and changed black color for better performance.


Only pad for ultimate finishing polish

Finishing polishing is what I find almost pleasurable.
Because the painted surface becomes "solid" and
the finale of the several-hour process.

The important thing in this process is how to remove the buffing marks
and to finish with as much luster as possible.


Laser-cut slit for the best result

One of the major characteristics of this buff is the cut surface on the painted surface.
In general, cutting the buffing surface tends to produce by-products such as "swirl marks" and "buffing marks".
We have developed the optimum shape after repeated trial and error of hundreds of times.
We have developed our own method to cut out a single piece of sponge.
"NW", the company from which we manufacture our products, creates this complex cutting shape by laser-cutting each piece.
The buffing circumference is flattened to reduce the amount of dust on the inverted radius.
This radial cut line greatly changes the elements of "heat dissipation" and "sharpness.
In order to prevent the particles of the final finishing compound from snapping more efficiently, the key is to control the surface temperature.
The key to achieving a sharp finish is not the buffing, but the speed of the polisher, and the way the polisher is moved.
The difference can be felt under the same conditions when the surface is so "sharp" that it does not need to be wiped with polishing compound.


Pads that can be finished with gloss or otherwise.

Japanese people generally consider gloss and shine to be the same word, but
However, in the overseas market (English-speaking countries), they are very different.
We often hear domestic installers say, "The gloss and shine have been improved. This is a big mistake.
Gloss is obtained by applying "something" to the surface of the paint, and shine is obtained by the coating itself (the surface of the paint).
Gloss is a reflection of the paint itself (the painted surface).
Therefore, if you like the "solid" state that can be obtained by polishing, you are a "glossy" person.
Those who use compounds or fillers that contain a lot of oil and grease in the final polishing process are the "glossy" group.

We have developed this product with an understanding of the difference between "gloss" and "shine".
It is one of the few buffs pad that can finish with shine.

We have developed this product with an understanding of the difference between "gloss" and "shine".
It is one of the few buffs that can finish with luster in a solid state.

Combined with our ICHIBAN FINISHING, it is possible to achieve a solid shiny finish while polishing.
The alkaline decomposition water contained in the polishing agent allows the buff to be finished with a solid luster, without the need for degreasing.
It is possible to finish without degreasing and in a hydrophilic state.


Special ABS layer layer added. More stable polishing. More point-applied polishing.

These buffs are not made in Japan.
It is well known in the industry that Chinese buffs are more accurate than Japanese buffs.
"NW" China, with whom we have been doing business for the past five years, has jointly developed a new buffing system that uses ABS resin for the Velcro layer.
We have been working with "NW" in China for the past 5 years and have added ABS resin to the Velcro layer of the Velcro tape.
In addition, Japan and China jointly developed a glue that does not peel off easily even at temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius.
The result is a "point polishable buff" that can be heated to a high temperature.

In addition, the weight of our production is adjusted in "gram" units in the company's quality control.

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