We’ve received good feedbacks and many interests towards ANTIAGING Cleansing (now KMKZ Cleansing).  I saw there is “Lost in translation” comment on YouTube so here is the ultimate guide of our No.5 KMKZ CLEANSING.


KMKZ CLEANSING is evolutionally products that will safely “reset” your car’s paint surface to apply next coat of protection. This pH neutral shampoo contains micro-abrasives to strip away wax, water based coatings(such as our Overcoat Liquid) and other spray coating on the market. Here are the key features of the KMKZ Cleansing.


  • Remove wax, sealants, water based emulsion coatings. Also, remove minor waterspots and greases.

  • Safe for most of the surface. pH neutral. You don’t have to have high pH cleaner or solvent based products. No need to worry about damaging windows and other sensitive materials.


  • By “resetting” your paint surface, you can clearly see the performance of the freshly applied coating products. Remove “mystery protection” also benefits to avoid becoming oxidation.


  • Great preparation for the paint protection film and vinyl wrap. KMKZ Cleansing will remove slickness of the surface and enhance film’s grip to the car.

Where to use?

  • Any painted surface on the car. Metal, Aluminum, gloss carbon, and Paint protection film, and even on the windows.

  • DO NOT USE it on unpainted plastic trims, rubbers and matte paint/film.

Steps to use KMKZ CLEANSING?

  1. Wash your car then dry the surface as usual. Use our pH neutral shampoo like a KMKZ SHAMPOO.


  2. Shake bottle well, then take a 1 pump to 2(if you apply it in first time) on your microfiber mitt or sponges. We recommend chose smaller size mitt like our THE d’ELEGANCE MITT MINI.


  3. Spread KMKZ CEANSING onto your panel then apply horizonal motion and vertical motion(Criss-cross pattern) for about 3 to 4 passes. Work by 1 panel each and don’t let dry. Don’t apply it in circular motion like a Mr.Miyagi! Don’t apply excessive force as well. Some durable coating may require multiple passes and some are not.


  4. Rinse off the cleansing well. Good application will result in clean, hydrophilic surface. If you still have water beading repeat process.


  5. Optionally, you can re-wash panels with regular shampoo solution to be residue free surface as a precautions, especially if you move onto film installation later.


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