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To apply a sacrificial coating.
To peel off the sacrificial coating.

In the theory of protecting the coating film by "sacrificial coating" that we have advocated since the foundation of the company, the only way to remove the coating film
The only way to remove it was by "alkaline detergent" or "polishing".
The theory of this product is to "peel off".
At the same time, it is one of the most important processes to demonstrate 100% of KAMIKAZE COLLECTION products.

It is not alkaline.
The meaning of being "PH neutral".

Dissolving the film with alkali inevitably dissolves the paint film as well.
Although the strong surfactants and alkaline ingredients make the film appear "hydrophilic," it is in fact
In fact, there are many cases of insufficient rinsing, and repeated use of this "wetting" may dissolve the surface of the paint.
This "smear" could dissolve the painted surface if used repeatedly.
This is the reason why we have been hesitant to use a stripping detergent.
Our product is as PH neutral as possible.
The reason why we developed this product as PH neutral rather than alkaline is because we considered the degree of influence on the painted surface.

The reflection.
It is exactly what it looks like after polishing.

The polishing ingredients in this product are the minimum amount of spherical fine ceramics.
This acts as a "helper" to remove sacrificial coatings while reacting at neutral temperatures.
This abrasive is of an ultra-fine particle size, yet nearly spherical in shape, so it can be used in a dry state with a hard sponge.
It does not scratch the painted surface unless it is rubbed dry with a hard sponge or other abrasive.
This creates a sharp reflection after treatment and a "lightly polished" look to the paint film that cannot be achieved with standard stain removal or oil removal processes.
In addition, by "exposing" the new paint film, there is a significant advantage in "gluing" and "bonding" with coatings and waxes, and tests with our products have confirmed improved durability and water repellency (in particular, water droplets do not remain on the painted surface) for all of our products. 
We especially recommend this product to those who have never exposed a "new paint film" by polishing with a polisher or by hand.

Reset the film.
And cleansing.

Just add one step after car wash and rinse with water. Outstanding workability.
We were particularly concerned about the safety of using this product on wet painted surfaces after car washing.
To achieve this, the viscosity was adjusted many times, and at the same time, the reaction time was adjusted by the action of rubbing the reactant with a sponge. The ratio of abrasive particles was also adjusted several times.
We have also fully taken into consideration the difficulty of drying out in consideration of outdoor application.

  • Removal and hydrophilization of wax and water-based emulsion coatings.
  • Safe removal of minor water spots, water stains, and oil
  • Improvement of the reflection of the painted surface and smoothing of the surface of the paint film.

The above are all in one process.


  • Wash the car thoroughly before use.
  • If you want to remove water spots or silica scale in advance, please use the product beforehand.
  • Put 1-2 pump pushes on a microfiber sponge (being prepared by us) and
  • Apply 50 cm square as one panel with not too much pressure (suppression + α).
  • When the water-repellent painted surface is covered with a white film of this solution and the painted surface is no longer visible (approximately 2 to 3 times scrubbing), flush with water.
  • Confirm that the painted surface becomes hydrophilic. If it remains partially, reapply in spots.
  • If a white film on the surface remains after hydrophilic application, wash it off lightly with a car wash sponge or the like.
  • Please refrain from using the product under the hot sun as much as possible.


The purpose of this product is to remove wax and water-based emulsion coatings.
However, please note that this product will also work on ceramic coatings and glass coatings (including professional-use inorganic hardening coatings) that have already been applied.
*For vehicles that are considered soft black, such as Toyota Black Solit 202 and Nissan KH3, please wash thoroughly in advance. Please use only after a pat test (partial test) on a clean microfiber sponge.
*If this product is applied dry with a hard sponge, the paint film will be scratched. Be sure to apply the product with a soft cloth in a wet condition.

Ingredients: Surfactant (non-ionic), fine ceramic abrasive, fragrance, stabilizer, ionized water
Capacity: 300 ml

Made in Japan

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