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  • Carbon nanotube infused.
  • The new model has a softer look than the old "The d'ELEGANCE wax".
  • It contains more oil of natural origin than the previous wax.
  • Therefore, it is suitable for hand application.
  • The water repellency is not strong, but more hydrophobic.
  • Durability 2-3 months

The difference from Raijin 雷神 is the hardness and softness of the gloss.
The difference is between strong water repellency and hydrophobicity.
And the ease of application is the same as that of previous The d'ELEGANCE wax.
It boasts outstanding workability.

It is a natural wax.
However, it still has an attractive "dignified" look.

It has a stable antistatic function even after installation with the antistatic additive agent⁺carbon nanotube.
It has a stable antistatic function even after application.

Made in Japan