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The Aesthetics of Washing a Car

Washing your car is a fundamental part of car maintenance.
We believe that washing your car is the most basic part of maintaining your car, which you have acquired through your own efforts.
We believe that washing your car is the most basic part of the conversation with your car.
This is our new shampoo with a little more emphasis on taste.

Top quality fragrance and foaming

This product is manufactured in a Japanese cosmetics factory.
We added an additive that forms a "finer foaming" than usual.
The fragrance added to the product is chosen to be the luxurious scent of a certain high-class hotel.
Even the time spent washing the car becomes a pleasure.

Difference from ANTI-AGING SHAMPOO

This product is a more traditional product with a strong taste for "car wash enjoyment".
It is different from ANTI-AGING SHAMPOO, which has functions such as removing light water stains and restoring water repellency.
However, the dense and fine foam and its fragrance will make car wash operators feel like they are washing their own car.
For those who love to wash their car and for those who enjoy washing their car, there is a pleasure in choosing and even a pleasure in getting lost in the process.
Please enjoy the most luxurious car wash experience.

How to make the finest foam

Use a little more shampoo per bucket than usual.
At first, use straight or high pressure to create a large foam.
After 60%, change the nozzle to a shower to create a fine foam.
Then wait about 3 to 5 minutes to form the ideal "light" and "fine" shampoo solution.
Leave the sponge well moistened and scoop this foam onto the surface that touches the body and wash the car.

Contain: 300ml

Made in Japan


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