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As a preparation for a wax by completely inorganic layer

The hardened coating is formed by a ceramic coating to prepare the painted surface before the wax is applied.
This improves the hardness of the paint by 1H-2H.
The high-density and low-molecular weight of the wax strengthens the paint surface.
Wet application improves workability, and the change of catalyst
and faster hardening film formation is realized by changing the catalyst.

Carbon nanotube blends

By blending highly conductive carbon nanotubes
coating or wax application, and it is less likely to generate static electricity.
The nanoparticles are highly conductive and do not generate static electricity when the coating or wax is applied.
The dispensability of the nanoparticles also assists in cross-linking with the coated surface.


1. Remove water stains and iron powder from the painted surface.
2. It is recommended to expose the painted surface by light polishing.
3. Spray a small amount of water on the painted surface.
4. Apply an appropriate amount to the triangle applicator provided.
5. Please spread it on the painted surface.
6. Immediately wipe up with a dry microfiber.
7. Wipe down neatly until there is no excess coating.

The painted surface will feel heavier due to mineralization.
Please apply wax about 1 hour after application.
If you make a mistake in application, please remove the film by polishing or using our ANTI-AGING CLEANSING.
If you want a thicker and denser inorganic film, you can apply it by dry method.

Ingredients: Alkoxysiloxane, IPA, curing catalyst, carbon nanotubes
Contain: 30ml
Wet: 2-4 car
Dry: 1-2 car
After use, be sure to store the product with the included inner cap.
Storing the product with the dropper attached may cause it to harden.

Made in Japan

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