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Kamikaze Collection



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Gloss ★★★★★+★
Luster ★★★★★
Water repellency ★★★★★
Slipperiness ★★★★★
Workability ★★★★☆︎
Durability ★★★★★
Content: 100g (15g-20g used per car)
Main ingredients: paraffin paste, isoparaffin solvent, vegetable wax, silicone oil, special silicone resin, anionic surfactant, preservative, silica water
Made in Japan

LIMITED 300unit per month.

Development Theory

*Improved durability and hardness after curing due to modified fluorinated polysilazane
*Improved workability, obvious improvement compared to the previous product 5.0, and suppression of white shine on some vehicles.
*Improved water repellency and a strong glossy feel similar to wax by adding the second generation RAIZIN
Improvement of product production quality by low-temperature manufacturing method.


*Surface preparation with our KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE is recommended. No degreasing required, improved water repellency and slippage.
We recommend maintenance after application with OVER COAT LIQUID.
Recommended maintenance after car wash with KMKZ QUICK DETAILER.
Suitable for car wash including light stain removal after car wash with KMKZ ACID SHAMPOO.
KMKZ WATER SPOT REMOVER will not deteriorate the layer by removing water spots. Resistant to acidic chemicals Alkaline detergents are resistant to KMKZ WATER SPOT REMOVER as long as it is not strongly scrubbed with a contact wash.

KAIZEN from 5.0

In order to achieve a thick layer while suppressing the white haze that occurs at the time of installation in the component ratio, The fundamental review was conducted 29 times.
This was done using actual vehicles and test panels, and several paints were used.
We then found the golden ratio, which is 6.0 itself.

Modified fluorinated polysilazane

As a next-generation inorganic material, Modified fluoropolysilazane (perfluoropolyether-modified polysilazane) is the most expensive additive and fluorine material for body coating, and is one of the materials developed in Japan.
It is highly reactive and has excellent water and oil repellency, surface slickness, and dirt wipe-off properties.

We have already succeeded in mixing modified fluorinated polysilazanes with GENEI WAX, HBS BROTHER, and other products.
This improvement is the result of that knowledge.

We have confirmed that the addition of modified fluoropolysilazane improves durability.
At the same time, there is a tendency for the gloss to become stronger.

2. Use of some ingredients of the second generation RAIZIN

By adding the second generation RAIZIN, which has been very well received,
6.0, we have achieved enough evolution to be able to call it "6.0".

Inorganic materials such as ceramics, and organic materials such as carnaubas and oils.
The knowledge of combining these materials is sufficient for "INFINITY WAX",
We were able to achieve this by changing the conventional production method.
INFINITY WAX is a product that is stain-resistant and durable over a long period of time. 
In other words, SEALANT 6.0 will be released as the latest improved version of the inorganic-organic hybrid coating.


3. carbon nanotube blends

Carbon nanotubes, invented by a Japanese scientist as a next-generation nanomaterial, are a nanomaterial that is being developed in various fields including semiconductors.
We have been developing functional films blended with carbon nanotubes for the past year,
We have discovered carbon nanotubes that can be dispersed with current products.
We have made fundamental changes to the surfactant and increased or decreased various additives accordingly, and have confirmed that the carbon nanotubes function well as a carbon nanotube product.

Antistatic additives + carbon nanotubes have both aspects as a coating and
This is the only technology made in Japan that can be felt to improve driving performance.
Wind, or aerodynamics, generated when driving a car causes a lot of resistance due to the generation of static electricity on painted surfaces, glass, tires, and uncoated resins.
By eliminating static electricity and improving aerodynamic characteristics, it is possible to improve drivability in all aspects.
The most noticeable improvement is the feeling of air drive when accelerating off the gas pedal, stability when cornering, and straight line stability.
The quietness is also improved because turbulence caused by static electricity is suppressed.
Rectification correction is now becoming a standard in the field of racing.
These functional surface film technologies are "Made in Japan," and KAMIKAZE COLLECTION is the product that has been commercialized with a high level of quality.
*Perception of driving performance may vary from person to person.


4. Low-temperature production method

This new trial is produced using quality-oriented manufacturing methods, such as material melting and changing the temperature for each different melting point.
The new attempt is produced using a manufacturing method that is more quality-conscious than before, such as material melting and changing temperatures for different melting points.
However, the difference in texture due to the change in production method is obvious.
It takes 4 times longer than the general production method,
The production is handmade, so only 300-400 pieces are produced per month.


5. Texture changes depending on the application method

A new applicator was developed for this development.
This has enabled thinner and smoother application.
The gloss tends to become stronger, greatly reducing construction risks such as white smudging.

*Because the initial lot sold on June 25 will not be available in time, the same applicators as before will be used.
Conventional applicators enable thick film application,
The applicator tends to bring out the glossy effect.

In addition, the texture of the film can vary greatly depending on the microfiber used up to the time the film is left on the surface after application.
The texture will vary greatly depending on the microfiber used up to the time left after application.
We hope you will enjoy your favorite texture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Kamikaze Over Coat 5.0

Used last week:
* Wash with Acid Shampoo + Prep with Amazing Glaze + 2 coats of Over Coat
Over Coat 5.0 is extremely easy to spread and works for quite a long time.
Very easy to buff if you don't let it dry too long.
Brings a very nice shine and a little depth (on dark gray). Very satisfied with the result.
First maintenance planned this weekend with the Over Coat liquid.




下地処理をしたあとフッ素樹脂ベースコートの上にOVER COAT SEALANT 5.0を施工しました。