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The OVER COAT series, known globally for its water-based emulsion ceramic coatings, has evolved with the development of a new "solidifying solvent-based" ceramic coating approach over the past 1-2 years. Unlike traditional methods, this advancement ensures durable and efficient performance while simplifying maintenance with our KMKZ CLEANSING and KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE products.

Our formulation, free from specified solvents, maintains exceptional bonding without compromising on performance. It offers compatibility with various car washing solutions, including our KMKZ ACID SHAMPOO, and boasts enhanced dirt resistance thanks to the inclusion of carbon nanotubes.

Recommended for those seeking a balance between application ease and durability, our latest release delivers outstanding performance in a compact volume. It represents a departure from conventional Kamikaze coatings, prioritizing ease of understanding and maintenance.

Experience the next level of coating technology with our latest innovation – a Kamikaze unlike any other.

Gloss: ★★★★★+★

Luster: ★★★☆☆

Water repellency: ★★★★★

Slipperiness: ★★★★★

Applicability: ★★★★☆︎

Durability: ★★★★★+★

The gloss of this product resembles ISM COAT rather than the MIYABI COAT series in terms of hardening. Compared to rival products, its exceptionally rich film thickness and flashy gloss classification stand out. Conversely, it tends to have a weaker, less typical Kamikaze-like hard luster. It doesn't exactly replicate the pristine state after polishing. This aspect divides opinions among our users.

Regarding water repellency, it's achieved through a film formed by modified fluoropolymer polysilazane. Unlike ISM COAT, it features fine density and small water droplets.

For slipperiness, try it on a surface prepared with polishing or a base treatment like KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE. It offers a distinctive slipperiness that may feel unusual for Kamikaze products. This characteristic arises from the material itself rather than intentional addition for improved slipperiness.

You'll notice a thick surface film forming within 3 to 6 hours, visibly or upon touch. Although announced to cure fully in 12 hours, it can be achieved in a few hours during the summer.

Durability: While real-world testing data is pending, we anticipate it can provide protection for up to six months.


Ingredients: Special silicone resin, modified fluoropolymer polysilazane, siloxane, fluorine additive, inorganic solvent, di-n-butyl ether, carbon nanotubes, special additives.

Volume: 120ml (enough for 3-4 regular-sized vehicles) Country of Origin: Japan Includes two spray heads (Spray heads may harden and become unusable after use.)

Curing: Avoid exposing to rain or moisture for the first 12 hours. Full curing occurs within 72 hours.

Caution: After full curing, waxes or sealants may bead off, leading to poor adhesion. While liquids may adhere, uneven application may occur. After full curing, removing with KMKZ CLEANSING or KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE may be more difficult than usual. Increasing the number of steps can aid in removal. Ensure to wear a mask and gloves during use. Store using the cap, not the spray bottle, after use.

February 4, 2024 Update: Based on our testing, it's often beneficial to lightly degrease the surface after using our KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE before applying this product, especially for vehicles with soft, low-density coatings. This is to facilitate better adhesion since the surface resin of KMKZ AMAZING GLAZE may have a similar molecular size, making bonding difficult. Use a mild degreaser like a prep product or a solution of 70% water and 30% alcohol with less than one drop of dish soap per recommended ratio. This is a suggestion, and results may vary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Nathan Hawkes
Overcoat Ceramic

Crazy easy to use and results are incredible! Another quality product from Kamikaze

Tassos Margaritis

Easy to apply, very slick during removal, no streaks, applied to whole car( + windows, side mirrors, windscreen, plastic hubcaps and door jambs)

Over Coat Ceramic