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OVER COAT Chapter 5
Spirit of "KAIZEN"

Updated 5.2 version.

Changes are included:

  • Improved workability by changing silicone supplier to have smaller molecular size.
  • Improved water beading angle by 1 to 2 degree.

1. Carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes, invented by a Japanese scientist in the field of next-generation nanomaterials, are a nanomaterial that is being developed in various fields including semiconductors.
We have been developing functional films blended with carbon nanotubes since a year ago.
We have discovered carbon nanotubes that can be dispersed with current products.
We have made fundamental changes to the surfactant and increased or decreased various additives accordingly, and have confirmed that the carbon nanotubes function sufficiently as a carbon nanotube product.

2. New achievement as a sacrificial layer

One of the functions of carbon nanotubes is conductivity, which was an excellent match with this solution with surfactant and various additives based on the antistatic function.
The overwhelming reduction in the number of car washings is not necessary to say much about it, but it functions as a "functional" layer.
And the performance as a "sacrificial layer" that is more super water repellent than before but does not adhere to water stains, which could be called "contradiction," produced a clear difference by "some action" in this case.
Although it was developed for the purpose of making "carbon nanotubes" work, the "masterpiece product" was made by coincidence, so to speak.
I am convinced that the difference in performance is so obvious that we have decided to call this product 5.0 instead of 4.2, which corresponds to a full model change.
We are confident that you will feel the obvious difference in performance.

3. ION GENERATOR EVO 2.0 installed

The "ION GENERATOR EVO 2.0" is our original ion generator that emits negative ions.
Why use this product for OVER COAT?
The conclusion is "because the effect was there".
The silicone molecules themselves have negative ions, which assist the work of minimal surfactants, and the weak alkalinity improves workability and prevents unevenness without the use of organic solvents. 

4. Not just for protection, but for the world of driving

Antistatic additive + carbon nanotubes are not only a coating, but also an additive that improves driving performance.
This is the only Japanese-made technology that improves driving performance.
Wind, or aerodynamics, generated when driving a car causes a lot of resistance due to static electricity generated on painted surfaces, glass, tires, and unpainted resins.
By reducing the aerodynamic drag caused by static electricity and by using "ION GENERATOR EVO 2.0" together, which generates negative ions in moisture, a synergistic effect is achieved.
The release of static electricity and the improvement of aerodynamic characteristics enable improved drivability in all aspects.
Most felt is the aerodynamic feeling when accelerating off, stability when cornering, and straight line stability.
The quietness is also improved because turbulence caused by static electricity is suppressed.
Rectification correction is now becoming a standard in the field of racing.
These functional surface layer technologies originated in "Made in Japan," and OVER COAT is the product that has been commercialized with a high level of quality.
The experience of driving performance may vary from person to person. 

5. Even harder and with a higher resolution luster

OVER COAT does not contain the oily glossy or slippery feeling that can be easily obtained by adding too much dimethylpolysiloxane.
The greatest cause of this phenomenon, called the mille-feuille phenomenon, which is caused by the accumulation of these easily oxidizable silicones or silicone oils, is the desire for "immediate slip and gloss".
In addition, our products are designed to have an anchor function in the surfactant as much as possible to make "peeling" as a sacrificial film easier, or to prevent hardening or penetration into the coating film as much as possible.
Therefore, our products are designed to be easily removed by our "ANTI-AGING CLEANSING".
Even so, it has a tough film as a sacrificial film.

The silicone used in this product has very small molecules.
It is not a heavy glossy finish, but rather it is more brilliant and glossy than the previous product.
This is the result of a finer molecular weight specification to facilitate dispersion of carbon nanotubes.
The larger the molecular weight, the heavier the glossy texture of the material becomes and the more uneven it becomes.
Therefore, volatile components are required, and organic solvents such as alcohol, IPA, and naphtha are needed as diluents.
This product does not use any organic solvents such as alcohol, IPA, naphtha, or white spirit.
The product is focused to maximize the ability of the "sacrificial film" by the power of the molecular size of the "material" and the power of a very small amount of surfactant as much as possible.

We encourage you to use this product for maintenance of existing glass coatings or waxes.
The latest OVERCOAT is always applied to the vehicles of our CEO, the developer of the product. OVERCOAT is always applied.
KAMIKAZE COLLECTION The basic theory of sacrificial coating and the latest technology are included in the OVER COAT series includes both the basic theory of sacrificial coating and the latest technology.
Repeat users are encouraged to experience its evolution and improvement!
For first-time users, please experience the "kamikaze swamp" as it is commonly called.


(1) Wet application (recommended): Wipe off at least half of the water droplets on the wet paint surface after washing the car. Apply with a cloth or one push on the painted surface and spread. Finish wiping with a dry cloth.
(2) Dry application: Spray on a microfiber cloth on a dry painted surface. Excess ingredients may appear unevenly, so finish with a dry cloth.
The surface hardens in 12 hours after application.

Made in Japan
Contents: 300ml
Main ingredients: Modified silicone, special silicone resin, carbon nanotubes, surfactants, pure water
Applications: Protection of automobiles (except tires), formation of sacrificial coatings


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John T.
Tremendous product

From Kamikaze. This sacrificial layer enhances the ceramic coating and water beading. Another outstanding product from the best coating manufacturer available.

The best sacrificial coat

The best sacrificial coat on the market