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Kamikaze Collection



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  • Tremendous decomposition power at pH 2.9

  • Does not react with metal moldings or glass

  • Performance that allows approximately 90% of dirt to be broken down in the pre-wash

Direction of use (Luxury cap 1PUSH = 1.6ml)
For snow foam use (recommended)

Calculation for a 1000ml bottle of foam
15PUSH Approx. 40 times (more diluted)
20PUSH Approx. 30 - 35 times (Recommended for daily use)
25PUSH Approx. 25 times (thicker) 
30PUSH Approx. 20 times (very thick)

Using bucket shampoo

*Using 8L bucket
12PUSH Approx. 400 times normal use (more diluted)
30PUSH Approx. 170 times thicker (acidic cleansing)
Luxury cap 1PUSH = 1.6ml

Our development is based on the use of a pre-wash with a foam gun.
After 80% or more of the dirt is lifted by the pre-wash, it is rinsed off with water,
Add water to the shampoo solution remaining in the foam gun and spray it again with the foam gun.
The purpose is to "lightly wash away the remaining 20% or less of dirt" while using bucket shampoo.
If more lubrication is required, we recommend KMKZ LUXE SHAMPOO.

Ingredients: Special surfactant, special chelating agent, fragrance, water, carbon nanotubes
Country of origin: Japan
Content quantity:300ml


This product is an acidic chemical with a pH of 2.9 at active conception.
We have tested and verified this product on metal and glass surfaces such as European car moldings, aged chrome grilles on domestic cars, anodized aluminum surfaces, and several types of glass.
Please use the product with gloves so that the ingredients do not stick to your skin.