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Kamikaze Collection



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The shape has been further evolved.
Four holes have been added for storing brushes on the outside.
This is an organizer for buckets that provides more storage space for buckets.
This organizer is compatible with our HAGAKURE DETAILING BUCKET and DETAILING MOBILE BUCKET.
It can be used with almost all circular buckets.
Attach it to the edge of the bucket body or to the divider.
There is a drain hole at the bottom of the product, so it is convenient for storing sponges and brushes. This is a select import product by THE DETAIL SUPPLY.

Since this is an imported product, there may be scratches on the product from transportation. Please understand this in advance.
Newly on sale September 29 (not subject to the purchase privilege of SUMMER SALE)

Material: Plastic resin
Country of Origin: China