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Kamikaze Collection



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Detailing is all about the finishing touches.

Each country has its own way of finishing detailing.
There are also different ways to treat metal parts.
Detailing is not just polishing, coating, and waxing the body.
This is a metal polish developed by an active detailer.

There is no car without metal parts.

Unless the car is blacked out, there are always chrome-plated parts
They are the accents of the car.
How can we make these accents beautiful?

Polishing agent used in an concours d'elegance

In order to finish metal parts beautifully, we have fundamentally reviewed some of the raw materials.
We have fundamentally reviewed some of the raw materials in order to achieve a beautiful finish on metal parts.
It is designed so that the abrasive wheel grinds over time.

It is also suitable for polishing the oxidized and deteriorated condition of aluminum moldings on European cars, but with mild to moderate abrasive power.

Accessories: metal polishing pad
Contents: 100ml
Applications: Polishing of metal parts

Made in Japan