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High concentration of the highest molecular silicone possible.

Luxurious use of high molecular silicone with unprecedented high concentration.
It forms a thick film without using dilution solvents such as IPA as much as possible.
In addition, carbon nanotubes are added to provide conductivity.
This is expected to reduce surface resistance to an unprecedented degree.

A true kamikaze water repellency

The surface film of this product has been developed so that the special fluorine is evenly lined up on the surface layer.
In this case, we should use the term "hybrid.
The water repellency of this product is beyond our imagination on the thick film of thick polymer silicone.
The water repellency easily exceeds 110 degrees, which can be measured with a standard water repellent angle tester.
Each of these water bead is very small.

Durability of more than 1 year. And can be applied in layers.

Although the water repellency test by lab data could be measured at Sunshine Weather for about 2 years, in the actual use environment, it is not helpful in most cases.
Side glasses are sure to be durable for more than 1 year.
However, the moving parts of the windshield wipers will still be subjected to "rubbing" and the coating will be worn off.
Therefore, the development condition of this product was to be able to repair only the damaged area.

Use this product for vehicles that are prone to have squeaky windshield wipers.

In the development of this product, we asked several monitors to perform the repair work.
It was a miscalculation that there were almost no complaints or reports of chattering noise in European cars, which are generally considered to be prone to chattering.
Of course, using deteriorated windshield wipers or without surface preparation will not produce appropriate results.
However, we would like to encourage those who are suffering from chattering to use this product.
We believe that the noise is probably less likely to occur due to the reduced friction caused by the reduced surface resistance of the thicker film.

Directions for use

1. Polish and clean the window glass to be coated perfectly.
2. Degreasing with IPA (alcohol, etc.) is recommended before application.
3. Apply an appropriate amount of the product to the applicator and apply.
4. Apply in a straight line from top to bottom. Apply generously.
5. Wait for 5-10 minutes for the liquid to dry.
 For winter application, please warm up the windshield with a heater.
 For winter application, expose the windshield to sunlight after application to warm the surface temperature.
6. After drying, wipe with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.
7. Wipe off with a dry microfiber cloth.

Do not splash water for 3 hours after application.

Substituting bottle will be shipped but the content is still the same.

Product name: KMKZ Window Coating
Ingredients: Polymer silicone, fluorine, carbon nanotubes, special additives
Country of origin: Japan
Precautions: Harmful to the human body.
Never drink it. Keep out of reach of children. Do not work in the hot sun.
Do not work in hot weather. Use in a well-ventilated place.
Keep away from fire.