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Keeping Leather Surfaces Beautiful

Detailing is not only for the exterior of the car.
Leather is like the "paint" of the interior.
The design of the manufacturer or brand is expressed in texture and color.
leather seats and leather trim.

Ceramic inorganic film with leather-like flexibility

An inorganic film with very low hardness is formed on the leather surface.
This allows it to resist organic stains such as oil stains as well as
It protects the leather surface from organic stains such as oil stains as well as stains from denim, dirt, and clothing.
It is a "sacrificial" film, which does not mean that it is completely impervious to stains.
It does not mean that stains will not stick to the surface at all.
However, after a few months, you will notice an overwhelming difference.

Only a few percent change in texture

General leather protection products can change the glossy feel of the leather.
This product is not water-based, but a siloxane-based hardening film.
The change in gloss has been kept to a minimum.
The beautiful surface of leather is preserved as much as possible.

Not only for seats, but also for leather products in general.

Protects your favorite leather products without adding any extra gloss to them.
This is a ceramic coating agent that can protect the leather surface without adding any extra gloss to your favorite leather products.
Please use the leftover liquid for your leather products.

How to apply

1. Clean the leather surface to be coated.
We recommend our leather cleaning brush.
2. Check the surface for missing spots and make sure it is dry before applying the coating.
3. Apply an appropriate amount to the applicator and apply.
4. Apply in a linear motion as much as possible. Apply in a zigzag or circular motion causes unevenness in the coating more noticeable.
5. Wipe down excess with a microfiber towel after 2-3 minutes.

For protection
After applying this solution, apply it in such a way that no streaks are visible and wipe off with a microfiber towel.
Dry with a hair dryer without wiping off with a microfiber towel.
The glossy effect will be slightly reduced, but a thick film will be formed on the surface.

If you want to reduce the gloss
Wipe off immediately after application, and reapply 1 hour after application. In that case, wipe it off immediately.
If you do not want to reduce the gloss as much as possible, it is recommended to apply several times in a thin layer.

Note: Avoid contact with water or moisture for 3 hours after application.

Contents: 30ml (about 5 sheets)
Content ingredients: Organosiloxane, special fluorine

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