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Perfecting the Glass

The body is not the only key part of detailing.
The clean finish of the glass and undercarriage is what makes your car even more beautiful and attractive.

Our representative, who has won many Concours d'Elegance awards, has developed a near-perfect glass cleaner in two years.
We have developed a near-perfect glass cleaner in two years of production.

IPA to colloidal additive

This glass cleaner contains colloidal additives, which are rare in conventional glass cleaners.
It does not extend the stain that has been worked on once and ensures a clear finish.
In addition, the specification minimizes the use of alcohols and glycols such as IPA so that it can be applied to the interiors of high-end cars.
In addition, tourmaline ionized water is used to prevent re-deposition of dust.

Not only the outside, but also the inside.

We would like you to try this on the inside glass surface.
Even if you think it is not dirty, dirt is layered on it.
We have been searching for a clear finish that is hard to attract dirt as much as possible.

The best cloth for wiping glass

Detailing glass wipe towel

At the same time, we developed a microfiber towel just for wiping glass.
The product itself has overwhelmingly less "stickiness" and "lint.
The product can collect "dust" and "lint" originally adhered to the glass surface.
Easy to slide on the glass surface even when the glass surface is degreased = easy to wipe.
It will be an excellent match with our product.

It's just glass. But it is still glass.

The fact that we were able to commercialize the simple and most important finishing element of "daring to clean glass
We hope that everyone in the domestic market will be able to see and feel their beloved cars with beautifully finished glass.

Content: 300ml
Ingredients: Tourmaline ionized water, anionic surfactant, colloidal additive, fragrance

Made in Japan

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