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1. Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes, invented by a Japanese scientist as a next-generation nanomaterial, are a nanomaterial that is being developed in various fields including semiconductors.
We have been developing functional films blended with carbon nanotubes since a year ago.
We have discovered carbon nanotubes that can be dispersed with current products.
We have made fundamental changes to the surfactant and increased or decreased various additives accordingly, and have confirmed sufficient functionality as a carbon nanotube product.

2. Possibility of antistatic additive⁺carbon nanotubes

In addition to the next-generation nanomaterial carbon nanotubes, antistatic additives can be used to.
Eliminate static electricity on the tire surface. Tire noise and rolling resistance that occur while driving are caused by static electricity that is constantly rotating, and by eliminating and discharging this static electricity, a smooth driving feel can be felt.

  • Fuel consumption is reduced by reducing rolling resistance.
  • Improved straight line stability by rectification of the tire surface.
  • Tire noise reduction

These are some of the advantages of this product. Individual differences exist.
In our test cars and in our customer samples, most of them could feel the effects of the product.

In this commercial version, carbon nanotubes are added more intensively.
We have also added some new nanoparticles.
We hope you will "feel" the performance of the carbon nanotubes when you drive after washing your car.

The product will be gray in color, but this will not be a problem when applied to tires.

3. Semi-gloss, matte texture.

What we wanted was not a greasy texture, nor a "just like that" texture, but a semi-glossy, matte texture.
We wanted to improve the texture of the tire itself.
The matte touch feeling with less stickiness is one of the most advanced leveling technologies. 

4. Abundant use of cutting-edge materials

In addition to carbon nanotubes and antistatic additives, the product contains a leveling agent that allows urethane and acrylic resins to cure naturally in air, forming a flexible film that cures at room temperature.
By anchoring the translucent cured resin on the rubber surface, it forms a thicker film than conventional tire waxes.
This allows for a thicker film than that of conventional tire waxes. 

5. Contains UV adsorbent

The blue-colored component immediately after application gradually hardens into a clear film.
The blue color is visible while the UV adsorbent is reacting.
Degradation of the tire surface is mostly caused by UV degradation.
We have made it possible to delay the degradation of the tire surface, which is the base material. (Our company's comparison)

6. As dirt resistance

Many tire waxes and tire dressings are only applied on the tire surface and are not anchored to the tire.
Therefore, in many cases, they are peeled off and rolled up during driving in the rain and adhere to the side surfaces of the body or rear hatch.
We believe that in addition to the damage from the road surface, the roll-up of tire wax is also a factor in the loss of water repellency, mainly in the side areas.
KIWAMI TIRE COAT, our sister product for professional installers, applies this theory and has different results in terms of contamination compared to the sides where general tire wax is applied.
This product is a tire coating agent for general use that inherits the same theory.

For streched tires

For streched tires, conventional oil-based tire waxes are not suitable for edge areas and
This product is a dry and thick coating.
This product forms a thick, dry film on the tire surface, which helps to prevent the characteristic staining that flat tires tend to have.


The product is only applied for the first time with careful cleaning.
Re-application is very simple.
We do not provide durability data, as it depends on the tire brand, the nature of the rubber, and the way the car is handled.
However, we have confirmed that the coating will last for more than 6 months (on tires stored indoors) as long as there is no damage to the physical thickness of the coating.
This product is designed to be used as a maintenance tire wax after daily car wash, so it is not recommended to use it after every car wash or several times.
It is recommended to apply this product every time you wash your car or once every few times.


  • Apply using our WAX SPONGE or DETAILING MICRO BRUSH 10mm.
  • Before application, clean tires perfectly with a strong alkaline cleaner or silicon off. If there is any old tire wax or other residue on the tire, it will not form a film.
  • If KIWAMI TIRE COAT has been applied, or if this product has been applied, just remove dirt from the surface.
  • After application, there is a curing time of 3 to 5 minutes, so do not drive the vehicle by any means.
  • If the product should adhere to the body, wipe it off immediately. If you forget to wipe it off, it may harden on the body surface film.


Content: 300ml
Ingredients: Urethane resin, acrylic resin, fluororesin, silicone, water, carbon nanotubes

Made in Japan

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