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Stick that emits negative ions

This stick contains reducing stones, radon stones, and tourmaline stones in an aluminum tube.
Originally intended to be used as an alkaline ionized water generator for purification of drinking water, we have improved this function as "EVO 2.0" product after further training in-house.

Alkaline ionized water or alkaline reduced water tends to remove irregularities or decompose oil on automobile paint surfaces more easily than normal pH.
The previous product had a performance specialized in alkaline quality of about 9ph to 10ph.
EVO2.0 is made by increasing the amount of special tourmaline ore that generates negative ions (collectively called negative ions in Japan), which are aggregates of negatively charged molecules that exist in the atmosphere, in order to have a static eliminating function.
The average value of negative ions in a single stick is 1500cm3.
By passing pure water through it, which has been nano-clustered, it is possible to form water that can be purified by application with very fine clusters and negative ion properties.

One of the major advantages of this technology is that it can eliminate static electricity from painted surfaces without the use of antistatic agents or static eliminators, using only water.
It also has the potential to subdivide water clusters, change to a slightly alkaline state, and eliminate static from existing coatings and other materials.

Most of our products have the same effect as this stick.
We use this product throughout the production and filling process. We believe that this product has an antioxidant effect and helps to regulate the clustering of water molecules.


About replacement water
We recommend using pure water or purified water.
Shake the water 10-20 times and allow a reaction period of about 12 hours.

Also, synergistic effects may be achieved with various types of nanoparticle dispersion solutions.


*About the coating agent to be used
This product is mainly effective for emulsified (milky white) coatings that contain water.
Shake 10-20 times and allow 12 hours for reaction.

Depending on the frequency of use, it will react about 20-30 times.

The experience may vary from person to person.
A 300ml bottle is recommended.

Country of origin: China
Developed in Japan

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