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Kamikaze Collection



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It is an evolution of Kamikaze Collection's
performance hybrid wax evolution.

The Kamikaze Collection developed the world's first "ceramic wax".
It is an inorganic hardening layer that actually hardens, consisting mainly of siloxane, and is applied to the painted surface through a chemical reaction with carnauba, which is composed of organic substances.

INFINITY WAX has been  loved by many users around the world.

It is used by many users around the world.

The market was then dominated by products with a few percent of silicone resin, silicones, or silazanes, which were simply called "ceramics".

Against this backdrop, we have taken a long term view of the market and implemented improvements to INFINITY WAX.
In January 2023, we will change the share of carnauba by adding carbon nanotubes, the latest technology we currently possess, to the product.
The "New 2.0" was born by blending "carbon nanotubes," the latest technology we currently possess, and changing the percentage of carnauba occupancy.

The greatest feature of INFINITY WAX is that it cures by itself, and the film lasts for a long period of time due to the hybrid of inorganic and organic materials.

Improved workability

Conventional INFINITY WAX required 120 minutes for drying and curing.
The improved version can be applied in 90 minutes (or even 60 minutes in summer).

Next-generation performance with carbon nanotubes

The conductive film of carbon nanotubes has successfully eliminated the oil electrification caused by carnauba, which was a problem with INFINITY WAX.
The film thickness tends to improve because of the improved workability and the increased carnauba occupancy rate.

The aerodynamics of the conductive film is a unique feature of the INFINITY WAX film.
The aerodynamics of the conductive film is a "texture like an increase in paint density" unique to the INFINITY WAX film, and
and feel smoothness that is different from that of our other products.
We believe that you will be satisfied with the "functional film" that we are aiming for.
*Depends on the individual.

Thick film feeling with 59% carnauba

Since we have confirmed the factory of bonding to the painted surface by carbon nanotubes
We have added even smaller textured carnauba powder.
This allows us to achieve the smallest possible occupancy, which is often described as "like a layer on the paint film.
This is exactly what it looks like.
However, the texture is small, so it is not too assertive or heavy gloss.

It is like a carnaba wax, but something different.
Enjoy the clean and elegant finish that is unique to the Kamikaze Collection.

Hydrophobic, not super water repellent.

This product is not a super-hydrophobic product, but a hydrophobic one, due to the thickness of the film and the characteristics of the surface film.
If you are looking for water repellency, please add very thin coating such as OVER COAT.

For the following customers

Customers who want a wax-like texture that lasts for a long period of time (1-2 years)
Customers who want to feel the highest quality texture that is proudly made in Japan.
Want to feel the seamless running performance of carbon nanotubes.

Contents: 50g (can be applied to 2-3 cars)

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