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Kamikaze Collection



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This is a pack of 5 towel.

As a result of seeking the highest peak

I can't use anything else but this. It is totally different.
I remember Mr. Yamada, a detailer of ours, excitedly said to me.
In our high-end and delicate work, the most important element is the "scratches" on the painted surface after polishing or during the finishing process.

We want to take care of this because it is something that touches the paint.

In every car wash or detailing process
Microfiber towels are frequently in direct contact with painted surfaces.
The quality of the towel is directly related to the quality of the paint.
The edge-less processing minimizes the risk of scratching the paint in any wiping process.

Improved edge treatment

In order to minimize the risk of scratches in the event of use, the fundamental manufacturing process has been changed to minimize the possibility of scratches.
The cut surfaces are now exposed and not hardened.
This makes the edgeless microfiber a top-class abyss specification.

Go ahead and wipe the inside of the windshield.

With a long-fiber microfiber cloth
There are only a limited number of cloths that can finish the inside of the glass.
This is a byproduct of our careful attention to detail from the material stage.

It is only a cloth, but it is a cloth.

The basic theory of the KAMIKAZE COLLECTION is to promise a stress-free and comfortable car wash for all car wash operations.
The KAMIKAZE COLLECTION is a world-class quality product that allows for high-end detailing work that is like a "work of art".
We provide you with world-class quality products that make high-end detailing possible.
Please feel the essence of our products, which are updated daily by "KAIZEN", through our cloths.

About dyeing

For all microfiber towels, the darker the dye, the more
the darker the dye, the more likely it is that the color will fade. This product is dyed with black dye.
The color may fade when wiping with water or wringing out with a bucket of water.
This product is primarily intended for wiping off compounds, coatings, and waxes in dry conditions.
If you are concerned about color fading in wet conditions, please wash the product 1-3 times before use.
In our knowledge, when there is a film of wax or coating on the painted surface, it is not recommended to wipe it off with a wet wipe.
It is our knowledge that the paint surface will not be stained or stained by staining unless the stained water is intentionally dried and adhered to the painted surface by wet wiping or other means.
The most important features of this product are less lint and dust on wiping and improved wiping performance as a microfiber.
The black staining is due to our corporate color.

5 towel: 1 pack
Size: 40 cm x 40 cm
Material: Polyester
Country of origin: China