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Wet + dry double-handed use for a speedy feel

Double-sided twist" "Edgeless" + "Pile fabric" have been added.

The design is different from other companies' products.

  • Excellent size, neither too large nor too small. (53cm x 80cm)
  • The addition of the pile fabric greatly improves the initial water absorbency.
  • Twisted microfiber material provides excellent water absorbency.
  • Stitched edges prevent scratches.

The feel is different from that of chamois leather or PVA cloth.
It absorbs water by sliding water droplets rather than absorbing water.
*It is easy to wipe off if the vehicle is coated.

The size has been changed to a large, easy-to-handle size.
53cm x 80cm
1200 GSM

Made in China


Click here for mini size (20cm x 20cm)

Click here for super big size (160cm x 60cm)