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Kamikaze Collection

HAGAKURE WASH SPONGE 2.0 (2 piece set)

HAGAKURE WASH SPONGE 2.0 (2 piece set)

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Aiming for the Ultimate Car Wash Sponge

We want to be particular about what we use because it directly touches the paint.
Kamikaze Collection presents to car wash enthusiasts around the world
We have produced the best and highest quality sponge.

Adopting the highest quality polyurethane for cosmetic materials

Compared to sponges used for general car washes,
The sponge has overwhelming elasticity to follow the paint.
We pursued the softness of the material.
The first thing we are concerned about in our development is "material".
We custom-made about 1 ton of material only.
The color of the sponge is black to prevent stains and white to prevent stains and discoloration.
White is sensitive to stains and discoloration, so we decided to use a neutral gray color.

Laser cut to this level of design

Smaller laser cut than other companies' products
The deeper cut cross section is designed to prevent pebbles and other debris from being caught in the sponge.
The guides and edges have been intentionally left uncut for durability and to prevent scratches.
This process involves laser cutting the cut sponges one by one, which takes three times longer than the conventional process.
This is the key point in selecting the factory for this project.
The slightest difference in the cut is what we are concerned about.

Beautifully Curved Dimple Surfaces

We designed the angle of the dimple surface to be as gentle as possible, so that the surface is smooth and even when it touches the painted surface.
This reduces the surface area and aggressiveness of the painted surface when touched.
The shape of the dimples allows for precise cleaning in any direction (vertical, horizontal, or circular).
Dimpled surfaces are generally used on the lower part of the body and other surfaces that are contaminated with sand and other dirt.
The laser-cut surface has been developed for surfaces with accumulated dirt, such as the upper part of the body.

Exquisite size and comfort

We pursued the exquisite size of the sponge.
We collected and compared all kinds of car wash sponges from home and abroad.
We have improved the size of the sponge by a few millimeters to create a surface pressure that does not burden the paint and a size that is comfortable to use.
In particular, the thickness of the sponge was adjusted about 6 times.
We hope you will enjoy the exquisite size.

The best of the best sponge is here.

The development of this sponge started in the summer of 2018, and it took us about two years to select the materials, design the laser cut, and select the size.
It has been our dream for a long time to sell our sponges.

In the 2.0 version, we have made it about 8mm thicker to improve durability and thickness.
We have also changed the side print to an embossed print to reduce the risk of scratching the paint.
This is our unique KAIZEN.

In other words, this car-washing sponge is the very essence of KAMIKAZE COLLECTION's theory.

We have found that the basis of detailing is in washing cars.
Hagakure is the fundamental spirit of Japanese people or Bushido, which is found in the book of Hagakure, "Bushido means to die".
We are influenced by this, and believe that the basis of detailing is car washing, and that this car washing sponge is the meaning of our development and, by extension, the meaning of KAMIKAZE COLLECTION in the global market.
We believe that this sponge is the meaning of our development and the value of the KAMIKAZE COLLECTION in the global market.

Size: 22 cm x 15 cm
Material: Compressed polyurethane
Country of manufacture: Made in China

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