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Shower nozzle and connector for Detailing

When talking about "detailing," one of the most important factors is "car washing".
It is the "foundation" and "basics".
Car washing with water is always the first step, and it is also necessary for daily maintenance.
It is also necessary for daily maintenance.

We have located a good market research factory and have been working with them to find the best water wash facilities in the market.
We have developed the product jointly with the factory remotely, even though it is under covid pandemic.
We started to develop a nozzle specialized for car washing.

The development was carried out by several car wash stores and our company over a period of 3 months from summer to winter.
We were able to confirm the durability of the nozzle, even if it is used a little roughly and with a little frequency.
Once the durability was confirmed, we modified the remaining details to meet our requirements.

180-degree adjustable nozzle head

The most important feature is the 180-degree adjustable nozzle head, which allows for precise showering at any angle.
The nozzle head can be easily adjusted to the angle of the tire house, the lower part of the body, or the roof area where you do not want to shower onto the adjacent cars.
The easy adjustment of the angle for precise showering is almost a "pleasant sensation".
It is a part that changes the car wash process.

Exquisite length and size

We were most concerned about the perfect length between the nozzle and the head.
It is comfortable to hold the nozzle without feeling its weight and without feeling the center of gravity shift when you hold it.
And a length that is easy to reach for extra α when working. This is what we focus on.

A head that creates an attractive water repellency

The head is where we spent the most time.
A new mold was made at the factory for this purpose.
The functionality of the "FLAT" during the work is, of course, to prevent the shampoo from being left unwashed.
MIST" which is easy to produce "water repellency" with a strong "healing" factor, was incorporated with a super fine mist.
And "SOKER" which makes the water flow over hydrophobic water when the hose is turned off.
There are 8 different nozzle functions, but each one is a combination of what is needed in each process.

From all car wash freaks to professional detailers

Our passion for car wash has been incorporated into these shower nozzles.
It is an unparalleled product for car washing and detailing.
We hope you will find it useful in your daily car wash.



Dedicated connector "HAGAKURE QUICK CONECTOR"

Although this product has passed certain standards for industrial products, a few drops of water leakage may occur.
We will refund or exchange the product in case of obvious water leakage or other initial defects.

180-degree rotating nozzle connector

Eliminates the difficulty of using the hose due to the "twist" and "angle" that occurs when washing a car.
This product eliminates the stress felt from the hose to the connector when washing a car.

Of course, the one-touch connector is built-in.

A one-touch connector function is built in to stop the water flow when the hose is not replaced.
When replacing the shower nozzle or pressure washer, there is no need to bother with the water faucet.

Excellent Matching with HAGAKURE SHOWER NOZZLE

Of course, this product is compatible with our DETAILING SHOWER NOZZLE.
The 180-degree function of the connector in addition to the 180-degree variable head of the same product allows for a degree of freedom close to 360 degrees in effect.
Please experience the outstanding comfort of the specifications.