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A car wash bucket that questions the very essence of Detailing

Car washing is the foundation and basis of detailing.
The bucket is an important part of the car wash process.
We focused on this point and found the most desirable design as a bucket for detailing.
We sought the most desirable design for a bucket for detailing.
We wanted a design that is both functional and cool.

Large Capacity 2 Rooms

The large capacity of 16L + 20L is divided into two rooms.
This means that two rooms can be used in one bucket according to the purpose and usage.
Example 1: For undercarriage cleaning & body washing
Example 2: For shampoo & rinse
Example 3: Alkaline nature shampoo & neutral shampoo


With 2 drains

With the weight of this large capacity, it is difficult to drain the water.
It is difficult to pour the bucket down on the floor, and the bucket itself may be scratched.
This product has drains for each of the room.

Durable 4-wheel rollers with built-in ball bearings

The factory where this product is manufactured is not a general bucket factory, but a factory that manufactures buckets for professional use. The durability of the bucket itself, as well as the rollers, with 3-inch wheels with built-in ball bearings, allows seamless transportation, which is hard to believe that it is a car wash bucket.

For those who truly love car washing 

For those who are in the business of detailing and car washing, as well as for those who are truly passionate about the act of car washing.
We recommend this bucket to those who really care about the act of washing a car.
It is "functional" in every sense of the word, and its "cool" look will give you unparalleled satisfaction.

Shipping cost: Special shipping fee of $20.00 is charged.
Country of Origin: Made in China
Material: Plastic PP
Capacity: 16L + 20L

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