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Mobile Foldable Bucket

From my own experience, I had forgotten a bucket when traveling or on business trips.
I was not comfortable with the buckets rented at car washes on the road, so I went out of my way to buy a bucket with a design I did not like from a 100 yen store.

This product was released for people who wash their cars at coin-operated car washes or on the road.
It is made of durable and practical materials and has a small logo on the all-black blacked-out body.
It is the coolest looking folding bucket ever.

Unusually large size for mobile bucket

The 10L size of this product is the minimum size required for car washing.
In fact, you can wash a car even with an 8L bucket.

It can also be used as a sub-bucket with brushes and tools for undercarriage washing.
It can also be used as a set of two buckets to separate shampoo solution and rinse solution.
It can be used in a wide range of ways.

It can also be used with the DETAILING BUCKET FILTER in our lineup.

Size: 5cm when folded
When in use: approx. 27cm
Diameter: approx. 24cm
Country of manufacture: China
Material: Nylon (water repellent outside & waterproof inside)

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