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Mat for Functional Detailing

Are your knees hurting?
One-third of the weight in detailing is in the
Undercarriage, bumpers, and the lower part of the body.
Sitting or kneeling down when detailing these areas
knees and buttocks will get dirty. Depending on the material of the ground, it can be painful.
=It also means that you can't relax while polishing or cleaning.

We used to use bath mats, but
We were not satisfied with the looks and functionality.

Our product is made of soft PVA, a very light and durable material.
It can be folded into three sections for easy carrying.

It is equipped with a slot pocket.
The slotted pockets allow you to keep compounds, masking tapes, coatings, buffs, etc., on the ground.
You can concentrate on your work without worrying about spills.

I want to polish properly while lying down.
We don't want to get your body wet when cleaning the underside of the car.

If you are really into Dertailing, use this product to finesse.

Material: PVA multi-layer foam
Size: 112 cm x 42 cm x 3 cm
Country of origin: China

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