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V3.1 UPDATED -now more airflow means more heat control- 

Now available in 3 inch (75mm) for Rupes BIGFOOT HLR75 MINI IBRID POLISHER

A backing plate that has had a major impact on the world market.

Polishing with an aluminum backing plate attached to a double action polisher such as Rupes originated in Japan.
At the same time, a wool buff is attached and polished with a sharp type of compound.
This is truly a Japanese style of polishing.
We purchased and compared aluminum pads from several companies as early as five years ago.
This is the third product that we have developed and produced in-house.


As low as possible, As strong as possible.

The clearance between the polisher and the body of the polisher is approximately 1mm.
The closer this distance is, the more the polisher's behavior and pressure can be transmitted to the painted surface.
At the same time, if the weight distribution, rotational rigidity, and precision of the center portion are not accompanied
If the weight distribution, rotational rigidity, and precision of the center portion are not accompanied, the rotation will be unsteady and lead to the occurrence of buffing and dusting.
The shape of the center portion of the polisher greatly overcomes this problem.


Follows curved surfaces and polishes with points instead of big surfaces.

The newest model has a shape along the inverse R. This is because the aluminum pad is hard, which has been considered a weak point.
This is a physical solution to the problem of polishing reverse Rs and curved surfaces, which had been considered a weak point due to the hardness of aluminum pads.
This is a physical solution to the problem of polishing reverse Rs and curved surfaces.
Even the Velcro that contains hard ABS of our BANZAI DYNAMICS series
It follows the painted surface with suppleness.
When polishing with a wool buff, it is important to use "point" polishing.
While western style polishing is done on the "surface" using a sponge, wool buffing is done on the "point" by heating and compressing the surface.
The wool buffing wheel is heated to control the moisture in the compound and the particles of the wheel, so polishing with a "point" is faster and sharp.
In order to further control the "point", it is necessary to slightly angle the wheel and polish.
To further control the "point," it is necessary to grind at a slight angle.
This angle is the angle shown here.

The measures required for this angle angle were about 20 prototypes.

We adopted the result that gave the best answer.


The ultimate backing plate that made equipment manufacturers understand.

In the Japanese market today, there are a variety of backing plates made in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and the U.S. 
We have compared and verified all of them, and our conclusion is that there is no superior one. We are only talking about the polishing systemization of the painting method.

In any case, I have been asked by the Rupes head office to stop selling the product, and I have been bashed severely.
I gave individual demonstrations and training to prominent detailers.
It is a fact that the products they have in their client agencies and training centers are our products, first and foremost.
The Rupes headquarters side is aware of this fact, and now they are friendly to us.
The product has a story of great difficulty in gaining recognition from detailers around the world.


Material: A6061 grade aluminum
Treatment: Matte black anodizing + laser-cut logo processing

Due to the nature of the product, the Velcro may come off.
Replacement Velcro is available.