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For the most beautiful paint skin.

Polishing is an expression of endless beauty.
It is not about shine and gloss, but about each and every view reflected on the painted surface and the lines of the body.
The body line is the most important part of the polishing process.
The beautiful car we are looking for.

BANZAI DYNAMICS is a polishing series of KAMIKAZE COLLECTION that aims for the best finish with minimum polishing.
It is one of the Japanese polishing methods widely recognized by the Concours d'Elegance and high-end detailers around the world.

The most beautiful, with the minimal.

Minimal polishing by double polishing felt market in Japan.
However, cars with beautiful skin such as Lexus and Rolls Royce always have a "water polishing" process by a craftsman in the intermediate or final process.
In other words, when considering the final process of painting as a factor of "beauty," it is difficult to find a process that is more beautiful than the common double-action wool polishing process.
In other words, when considering the factor of "beauty" in the final process of painting, the general double action polishing with wool buffing could not reach the required level in removing scratches.
We have never been able to achieve the desired level of beauty in the final painting process.

Therefore, in pursuit of the highest quality finish, we have abandoned the existing stereotypes and have developed a new polishing method that is more efficient than the conventional double-action method.
We have developed a system to beautify the paint surface from the surface up, based on the theory that a limited amount of polishing can be done with a minimum of polishing.
We have built a system to beautify the surface of the paint from the very beginning.

The reason for the minimum amount of polishing.

The coating of a few millimeters of film created by our unique three-dimensional polishing structure is several times more durable than general water-resistant paper, and is able to remove uneven and deposited
The uneven and deposited polishing film has a unique effect of grinding with a sharp edge while taking advantage of the paint skin.
Using #3000, a 5%-10% change in skin texture can be expected on relatively soft and young paints (rough and uneven paint molecular density). If the paint is hard, the texture will hardly change.
The 3mm sponge layer easily blends with the painted skin, and even if the paint is polished several times, the skin texture will not change significantly.

For deep scratches and sunken marks

For scratches that can be caught by fingernails or scratches that cannot be removed by double-action polishing.
The minimum amount of polishing is required without using a single action polishing tool, and it is possible to remove them without changing the skin as much as possible.
Also, bird droppings and insect carcass marks can be removed much faster and with less damage to the paint than with double action polishing plus wool, which generally takes several times to remove.



This product is exclusively for certified installers or pro stores.
It contains special alumina and abrasive particles to adjust the skin by 50%-60%.
This is a systematized product for polishing using ZERO FIGHTER's exclusive abrasives and buffs on the premise of "changing the skin texture".
Handling of this product requires a thorough understanding of sanding and polishing, and we recommend that you take our technical training course.


Correction of new car painted surfaces, such as cloudy or yuzu-like skin, and removal of manufacturer's factory paper and sanding marks, etc.
Correction of repaints such as skin correction and orange peel removal at sheet metal stores.
Water spots, pollen stains, and bird droppings can be treated with a minimum amount of sanding.


By sanding to a finish of #5000 or higher, the grain of #3000 paper can be removed more easily and reliably in the sanding process.
The paper grain of #3000 can be easily and surely removed in the polishing process. In most cases, the grain can be easily removed by one-step polishing with BANZAI DYNAMICS.
Also, black and red solid colour will have a smoother finish.

Number of pad used per car: 3 to 5
Contain : 5 pad per pack

This product is intended for users with experience in polishing and sheet metal painting techniques.
DIY users and inexperienced users have a high possibility of paint peeling and paint damage.
Please purchase at your own risk.

An applicator block is available as the best tool for sanding.

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