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Kamikaze Collection



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Kamikaze's divine work

It was as if the polish had improved.
These are the words uttered by those who have done prior sales.
Polishing certainly requires "skill" and "experience.
However, what is more important is the triangle balance of "polisher", "abrasive" and "buff".
And that is why we call it "kamiwaza" (divine work).
It means that the matching has been further matured.

All for point pressure polishing

This product is made of thinner and harder material than general buffs.
And the shortest possible bristle material reduces rotational resistance as much as possible.
KAMIKAZE COLLECTION's definition of point pressure polishing is to remove scratches at a point without losing the eccentric motion of the double action.
We have designed and developed everything to achieve this.
If it is too thin, it will leave a beaten surface, and its own weight will cause the included buffed surface to be buffed out.
If it is too thick, it will not be able to track with point pressure, and the rotation caused by eccentric motion will be lost.
It is a balance between the two.

Material for Heat Generation

The greatest feature of wool buffing was due to the suppression of polishing heat.
However, this was for sharp compounds and wool had the advantage of not raising the temperature to the paint film.
However, in some cases, our compounds did not perform to their full potential, leaving buffing marks.
Polishing is not just about friction between the abrasive and the buff.
In some cases, heat is used to melt the paint while polishing.
This can give a more polished luster and texture to the surface.
What we sought was the difference in the finish caused by "heat".

Thin 7mm soft EVA foam

EVA is Ethylen-Vinyl Acetate (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate copolymer resin).
This gives it a significant advantage in terms of "lightness.
By the time a car is half polished, most wool buffs have absorbed a considerable amount of compound, and the weight of the wool buffs has a significant effect on the efficiency of rotation.
When it comes to the 5-inch buffing wheel, it is possible to polish flat surfaces at the expense of tracking performance.
The 5-inch model is designed to polish flat surfaces with point pressure as desired.
Curved surfaces are also divided into two parts, assuming that the 3-inch buff is mainly used for polishing.
This buff is designed for "experts" who are particular about polishing.
This product is designed for PAINT CORRECTION, so please be careful when using it for DIY work.

*This product generates a lot of heat when polishing, so please consider the matching with paints (soft, low-density) that easily get entangled.
The EVA in this product is sensitive to heat. Please use a spatula to remove the buff after polishing. It may cause the velcro part to peel off.