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Kamikaze Collection



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Maximum results with the minimum required.
Abrasives that have taken the world market by storm.
This wide-range compound is the core of our BANZAI DYNAMICS abrasives.
The former "Banzai Cut", which was called "destructive polishing".
It is the successor to "BANZAI DYNAMICS" which enables long-range polishing with little powder emission.

BANZAI CUT = Return to Destructive Polishing

The strong popularity and demand for resale in the overseas market, as well as
and the demand for "sharpness" in the domestic market.
BANZAI CUT is a return to BANZAI CUT from BANZAI DYNAMICS, but with higher performance.
We have achieved a higher performance at the same time.
Therefore, we have not emphasized the intertwining of soft paint (low-density paint), but have focused on the
We have specialized it for hard paints and hard damage.
This series is further enhanced by our buffing series developed at the same time.

Double Action Polishing Agent

We developed this product using "21mm" and "3mm" (RYOBI RSE-1250, etc.) as our development equipment.
We have developed the ZERO FIGHTER series to separate the use of single-action products from double-action products.
We also consider "volatilization temperature" or "sharpness" as an abrasive for double action use only, and
We have developed this product by dividing the alumina grinding timing and other factors.
The performance is specialized for scratch removal by rolling pressure, which is necessary for double action polishing.

Use with Wool Buffing Pad

The product is aggressive enough to get entangled in relatively soft paints.
In this case, please do not use the wool buff.
If the paint can be matched with this wool buffing
Normal surface pressure polishing up to the double action range, as well as
If the paint can be matched with the wool buff, it is possible to remove deep scratches by point pressure polishing as well as normal surface pressure polishing up to double action range.
In the case of polishing with wool buffing, it is recommended to use a wool buffing pad with a minimum of buffing and polishing grit.
The minimum amount of buffing and polishing will remain, but the buffing grain will be reduced to a size that can be removed and converted without any problem in the next process.

It can also be used with wool buffs made by other companies without any problem.
For soft to medium coatings, this may be a better match.

Use with Urethane Buffing

Best math with our ROSSO polishing pad.

Removes as much wash marks and stains as possible, unless the damage is heavy.
It is the best balance to minimize the amount of powder and to achieve the maximum result with the least amount of polishing.
Depending on the type and color of the paint, only one process may be sufficient.
Polish as much as possible with heat until it becomes sharp.

Contents: 300ml

Made in Japan