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Kamikaze Collection



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It's just water, but it's still water.

  • Elimination of unevenness of coating application by electrolysis water quality
  • Converts water quality to weak alkaline (ph around 9.0)
  • As a static electricity remover
  • Slurry water for polishing

Although it is in the realm of the so-called "occult," we have actually used it on our own vehicles.

It should be noted that the product incorporates a custom-made "alkaline hydrogen generator" and is used as a slurry water for polishing.
It contains several ores such as tourmaline stones.

Applications include

It can be used to remove unevenness in coatings and waxes without the need for quick detailers or detergents, with physical properties as close to water as possible.
It also has antifouling properties due to its static electricity eliminating function.

The silica water contained in the product contains a very small amount of silica.
After the silica water has been used up, the product can be reused up to 20-30 times by adding pure water or alkaline ionized water.

Capacity: 300 ml
Ingredients: Water, ore, reducing stones