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Kamikaze Collection



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Coating that specifically designed for PPF and Wraps

We are the first to provide protective nanomolecular coating for PPF and wraps for this industry. We have received amazing feedbacks from around the world and this is evolution.  

Not only FILM SURFACE COAT will add slick surface and water beading capability to your film, but also prolong the life of PPF and wraps.

Application procedure

1. Shake bottle well

2.Place a few drops onto a Kamikaze Collection Applicator Pad

3. Apply using straight lines ensuring a uniform thickness and coverage

4. Allow to cure for no more than 15 minutes (depending on ambient air temperature and film applied to)

5. When coating is tacky to the touch, wipe off with clean microfiber

Allow 1 - 2 hours for full curing

For best results, apply a second coating after the first layer has cured

Contains: 30ml

Made in Japan