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Kamikaze Collection



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Meeting the expectations of our users

In the development of our products, we sometimes reflect the opinions of our users.
One of our users, Mr. S, asked for a smaller size.
We cut it in the same way and tried it out. It was indeed a good feeling.
A few hours later, we started manufacturing at our factory.

Wiping off wax. Especially for heavy textured waxes, it is better to use a small size than a large size.
In many cases, a small size is more efficient than a large size.

The d'ELEGANCE towel. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the performance of the "Nokonoko (aka "Koopa troopa" from Super Mario) Towel" as we call it.


The Ultimate Waxing Cloth

We want to be particular about what comes in direct contact with your car.
We have won awards at Concours d'Elegance and other events around the world.
This is a microfiber towel for waxing.

"Gloss" is a product of rubbing between objects.

The texture of the object to be wiped, especially with thick film wax, varies greatly depending on the texture of the object.
You will feel as if you are changing the texture to a soft one rather than a hard one.

Extremely luxurious specifications

The emerald green color overflowing with luxury
While the ultra-high density of 650 GSM
The gold-colored edges are made of a brushed material to prevent scratching.
Only the finest materials are used.

Size: 20cm x 20cm

1 pack= 2 towels