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Kamikaze Collection



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Kamikaze Quick Detailer is finally here

- Strong water beading

-Remove light water spot.

-Easy application

-Carbon nanotube infused. Superior anti fouling property, reduced aero drag by anti static capability.

Quick detailers are defined in different ways.

Silicone-based, containing surfactants, with strong waxing functions, remove water stains and oils, that are almost water-based or occupied with organic solvents such as IPA.

Our focus is "non-aggressive" to existing coatings.
This means that it contains almost no surfactant and almost no organic solvents such as IPA.
If this is strong, the properties of the coating applied to the substrate will be lost.
The quick-detailer must not affect the base film.

The quick detailer needs to create a very thin "sacrificial film".
The ingredients used for this sacrificial film are the same as those used in OVER COAT 5.1 LIQUID.
The water-repellent group is adjusted and a little gloss is given. This is all that is required.
The basic concept is the same as the ANTI-AGING theory of the KAMIKAZE COLLECTION.

Spray and wipe after car wash.

Our QUICK DETAILER is more important to apply in wet condition than in dry condition.
It can be applied dry, but it may seem a little rich (thicker).

The best fine mist spray that should not be overused.
The most important feature of this product in terms of appearance is the custom-made fine mist spray that uses a U.S. patent.
This allows finer particles to be applied to the painted surface.
Unevenness due to excessive application volume is drastically reduced.

Carbon nanotube blending

Carbon nanotubes, invented by a Japanese scientist in the next generation of nanomaterials, are a nanomaterial that is being developed in various fields including semiconductors.
We have been developing functional coating blended with carbon nanotubes since a year ago.
We have discovered carbon nanotubes that can be dispersed with current products.
We have made fundamental changes to the surfactant and increased or decreased various additives accordingly, and have confirmed sufficient functionality as a carbon nanotube product.


Not just for protection, but for the world of driving

Antistatic additives + carbon nanotubes are not only a coating, but also a product that can be used to improve driving performance.
This is the only technology made in Japan that allows you to feel the improvement of driving performance.
Wind, or aerodynamics, generated when driving a car causes a lot of resistance due to static electricity generated on painted surfaces, glass, tires, and unpainted resins.
By reducing the aerodynamic drag caused by static electricity and by using "ION GENERATOR EVO 2.0" together, which generates negative ions in moisture, a synergistic effect is achieved.
The release of static electricity and the improvement of aerodynamic characteristics enable improved drivability in all aspects.
Most felt is the aerodynamic feeling when accelerating off, stability when cornering, and straight line stability.
The quietness is also improved because turbulence caused by static electricity is suppressed.
Rectification correction is now becoming a standard in the field of racing.
These functional surface film technologies originated in "Made in Japan," and OVER COAT is the product that has been commercialized with a high level of quality.
The experience of driving performance may vary depending on the individual.

Contents: 250ml
Country of origin : Japan
Ingredients: Modified silicone, carbon nanotubes, pure water