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The Ultimate Finishing

In the global marketplace, what finishes are used can be measured the experience and ability of the detailer.
We have sold ICHIBAN FINISH in the past in order to be recognized by high level detailers.
ICHIBAN FINISH has been sold in the past.
This latest version has been further updated to make it even more beautiful.

Designed in Japan, Manufatured in Germany

Domestic water-soluble abrasives "snap" (i.e., the abrasive is pulverized by the heat and dynamic elements of the buff and dries), and this has been a major bottleneck in the production of polishing dust.
The major bottleneck was the generation of abrasive particles.
In order to reduce the amount of grinding dust, it was necessary to change the fundamental binder composition.
In order to achieve this, there was a fierce battle between the German developers and the Japanese developers. 
The result is a binder that is so water-soluble that it is hard to believe it was made in Germany, yet it has stability and performance similar to oil-based products.
The final production process was carried out in Japan by mixing alkaline reducing water, and the painted surface after polishing was
The painted surface after polishing is not slippery, but almost slippery.
The surface of the paint does not require any degreasing after polishing, and it becomes hydrophilic.


Best foundation for ceramic coating

In addition to the main component of binder with minimal oil content, alkali additives are used to create a hydrophilic state that does not require degreasing.
The painted surface becomes hydrophilic without the need for degreasing.
In addition, a trace amount of water-soluble silica is added as a secret ingredient.
The difference will be significant with our ISM COAT 2.0 coating, which has a strong water-repellent component.
The process of creating a painted surface that is resistant to stains and water slides off starts with polishing.

Finishes in ICHIBAN

In every sense of the word, our theories are the latest methods and best products for beautifully finished painted surfaces.
Our Theory is the latest method and the best product for beautifully finished painted surfaces.
Our products have won prizes at Concours d'Elegance around the world
Our Theory products are used by detailers all over the world.


How to use

Use a few drops of half the size of a grain of rice on the final finishing buff (our recommendation: BLACK FINISHING).
Polish up to the sharpest finish possible with high speed rotation. (*Depends on the paint type and color.
Degreasing is not necessary after polishing.
If the surface becomes hydrophilic when water is applied after polishing, it is a good indication that proper polishing has been achieved.


Contain: 300ml

Made in Japan (some of the raw material is made in Germany )