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Outstanding size and materials

The most important development concepts for us are "size" and "materials.
Mini-size products that are not available in the market are either too big or too small and none of them fit well.
We have pursued a fit that can be felt "the moment you put it on your finger.

The material used is a mixed wool microfiber that strikes an optimum balance between perfect performance for cleaning and resistance to damage to the body and surfaces.

The thumb ring is the most important part.

Even if it is a good size and material, it is no good if it is not easy to use.
If it is not easy to use, it is meaningless.

The "hold" of this size is achieved by the thumb ring.
I think you can feel the "exquisite balance" with the thumb ring.

For example, the action on the part that can be reached by a little more than a few inches from the back of the wheel.
For example, you can use it for hard-to-reach places such as body panels or trunk corners.

It can be used for both daily car washing and hard detailing.

This is a select import product by THE DETAIL SUPPLY.
Country of manufacture: China
Material: Microfiber
Quantity: 2pcs.